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I’m Achim Nowak. I help CEOs and C-Suite executives in global enterprises to show up with relaxed authority and amplify their personal impact.

My 3 books pinpoint the nuances of authentic success behavior: Power Speaking: The Art of the Exceptional Public Speaker (also published in German and Chinese), Infectious: Unleash the Energetic Leader Within and The Moment: A Practical Guide to Creating a Mindful Life in a Distracted World.

My most recent book, THE DIFFERENCE: Essays on Loss, Courage and Personal Transformation, is an anthology co-edited with Rosemary Ravinal. It features transformational life stories from 10 successful humans who have inspired millions of followers around the world. 

On the MY FOURTH ACT Podcast I speak with brilliant humans who have created bold and unexpected lives. I currently host FOURTH ACT Mastermind Groups for successful individuals who have already achieved most of their goals and are ready to dream some more.

Before I launched my current firm, I founded a successful international training and coaching firm, Influens. I bring an eclectic background to what I do. I was trained as a Mediator at the Brooklyn Courts, co-founded an acclaimed theatre company in Washington DC, and draw on decades of esoteric spiritual exploration. 

When I was 35 I left Manhattan to live on the island of Tobago and become a windsurfer. I was a good one.

I hold a M.A. in Organizational Psychology and International Relations from New York University where I also served on the faculty for over a decade. My work has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, USA Today, The Miami Herald, and on NPR and NBC.

I love to write and have been recognized with a PEN Syndicated Fiction Award. I happily reside in Hollywood/Florida.


"Achim Nowak's masterful coaching has transformed the next generation of Dover leaders into more authentic, insightful and inspiring leaders."

Bob Livingston

Retired CEO, DOVER Corp.

"Achim's approach is unmatched, regardless of the challenge. With over 10 different individuals in our organization currently working with Achim, our leadership’s future is bright!"

Jill Evanko

CEO, Chart Industries

"I have been extremely fortunate having experienced Achim's unlimited passion for developing professionals during key career moves in my life."

Serge Joris

President, GIRBAU Group

Why I Do What I Do

I’m a citizen of the world who grew up in foreign countries. This had an indelible imprint on my psyche. My childhood years were spent in Germany, Portugal, and Turkey. English is the third language I learned, after German and Portuguese. When I arrived in the United States at the age of 16, I had fully internalized what it meant to be a foreigner and not always fit in.

My deepest personal journey has been the road from feeling like an outsider to becoming the one who belongs. I want to say fits in but that’s not actually what I mean. No, belongs and is wholly comfortable in his own skin.

While your story is undoubtedly different from mine, the journey you and I embark on in our coaching work is not that dissimilar from my personal quest. We will explore mindset shifts and micro-behaviors. At the deepest level, however, coaching is invariably about becoming more comfortable in our own skin. Showing up as the most luminous version of ourselves. Connecting more richly with others. And doing so with fully embodied skills.

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