Power Speaking

The Art of the Exceptional Public Speaker

Why do some speakers do everything right and still not connect with an audience? What is the secret of the star presenter who is able to inspire even the toughest crowd?

Power Speaking: The Art of the Exceptional Public Speaker urges speakers to reach beyond quick public speaking tips and take an honest look at how they come across. Presenters learn how to invite an unspoken emotional connection between speaker and audience. Clients feel deeply engaged and sense that they are part of an authentic relationship.
”When Achim Nowak talks, people listen – because he speaks from the heart as well as the mind. Whether you are a novice speaker or a seasoned pro, this beautiful book will have much to say.”
David AndrusiaAuthor of Brand Yourself and The Perfect Pitch

”Achim Nowak is a highly successful speaker in a very tough market. He routinely exceeds his audience’s expectations. This book will show you how!”
Ralph LangevinPresident, Langevin Learning Services
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